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[Formerly IWFR-NC-GIFS.] We are Goleon and Donna and we love the Nostalgia Critic and make gifs of him but also other TGWTG characters // critics too. Use these as reaction gifs or however you like. You're welcome to talk to us anytime!<3

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“re: the todd question. i keep waiting for rap critic to review something off angel haze's album. it's frustrating because was introduced to angel though another of his reviews and he's always so great and insightful.”

I think we all have things we’d like to see people review. Sometimes it happens eventually. :) - Donna

What You Never Knew About Hot Fuzz

Random reaction gifs from Felix The Cat: The Movie review

“Do you ever think Doug is going to ever see the Rankin Bass animated version of The Hobbit? I know he's not crazy about Rankin Bass, but I honestly felt that their adaptation was stronger & closer to the book's tone & flow than the Peter Jackson ones. I also feel like Rob would agree with me on this, since I know how much of a die hard Middle Earth fan he is.”


You never know. I didn’t even know that existed, myself. :3 But yeah, he might! - Donna

“First off, heyo! You guys are fantastic and awesome people! Second, out of curiosity, what would you guys think of the NC doing a review on Sharkboy and Lavagirl?”

I know that movie is probably meant to be weird but I seriously couldn’t sit through it. And I love [some] weird movies. I guess that was too much for me at the time. 

My reaction to everything in it was pretty much:

So yes. I would love to see an NC review of it. xD & thank you!<333 - Donna

“Also, I just wanted to say, the TGWTG fandom is the only one that really makes me feel like I'm important, there, and it's largely thanks to you. I never get a question answered in any of my other fandoms, no one would ever take what I said seriously anywhere else. So, I wanted to thank you and the entire TGWTG fandom for that.”


Aww, hun, we would never ignore you or not take you seriously. You are immensely appreciated and we love that you take the time to talk to us as well! & yes, the TGWTG fandom has some really wonderful people in it, they’ve been nothing but kind and supportive. Hopefully, others will treat you the way you deserve. We’re very happy your experience with us and the fandom has been amazing because you are amazing!<333 - Donna

“Would Doug Walker feel relieved if the Dr. Seuss books would be in the hands of the Disney company? I did asked this question on AMC movie Talk in Doug Walker's honor.”

Ohhh, that’s a tricky one. I’m not sure cause those kind of stories Disney hasn’t done but they are aimed at kids more then a lot of the other story based movies they’ve done (especially if you read the Grimm version of them) and I don’t think there be a whole lot for Disney to change so he might like that. - Goleon

“What do you think is the worst movie the Critic has ever reviewed?”

The Last Airbender. - Goleon

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