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[Formerly IWFR-NC-GIFS.] We are Goleon and Donna and we love the Nostalgia Critic and make gifs of him but also other TGWTG characters // critics too. Use these as reaction gifs or however you like. You're welcome to talk to us anytime!<3

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“Do you edit Wiki to win an argument?”

“Will you please stop scaring the little girl?”

“So Donna & Goleon, how are you ladies doing today?”


Pretty good. :] - donna

Same. - Goleon

In case you missed it or can’t watch videos on Blip, it’s on Youtube now! :)


Next Tuesday… [x]

I just had to make a parallel set for these. xD

Next week: Nostalgia Critic vs Dante Basco. This will surely be amazing. 


“Do you like green eggs & ham? (Note: please answer this question in rhyme, thanks!)”

I like it much more than green beans and Spam
Green ham or plain, let us all feast
Ham is amazing



“Why hasn't Tamara done a Hyper Fangirl vlog in a while? Do you think people were getting sick of it, or is it something else?”

I think she might just be giving the character a break or maybe got too busy for them. Plus, after what happened at the end of the PD2 review, I don’t think we’re supposed to see her for a little while. It’d be great if she surprised us with one sometime though, I loved those vlogs! :) - donna

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