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[Formerly IWFR-NC-GIFS.] We are Goleon and Donna and we love the Nostalgia Critic and make gifs of him but also other TGWTG characters // critics too. Use these as reaction gifs or however you like. You're welcome to talk to us anytime!<3

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Random reaction gifs of Film Brain from The Purge review

“What do you think of the purge?”

The movie itself? I just saw it as another boring gore fest of a horror movie. Besides the original Halloween (haven’t seen the original Nightmare on Elm Street, the good Friday the 13th movies and the Halloween remake -which I don’t want to see as though being good it’s one of those movies that’s also hard to sit through- yet), the remake of House On Haunted Hill, The Shining and maybe Child’s Play, I usually avoid horror movies (though I see Shining and any Stephen King based movie as a thriller) cause they’ve become too predictable and/or nothing but a reason to show lots of gore. Unless it’s Asian horror cause most of those are very creative and relay more on suspense and playing with your emotions in order to scare you. - Goleon

I haven’t seen the whole thing. I rarely watch films like it, they’re just not really my type of movies. When it was released, the ads didn’t impress me and I thought the whole idea was ridiculous so I just didn’t bother watching it. I’ll probably skip the sequel too. I thought the review was hilarious though. xD - Donna

“Hey! I'm the anon who asked that question about canon a while back. Well, I finished marathoning the Nostalgia Critic, and I loved it! I wanted to thank you so much for helping me out. It has been such a wonderful time getting into the nicest and funniest fandom around!”

That’s awesome! & no problem! Really glad to have you in the fandom!<333 - Donna

Random reaction gifs from The Purge review

The Purge - Nostalgia Critic is now on Youtube!

“Goleon, do you not like Back to the Future Part 2?”

What? No. I love the movie. It’s one of my favorite movies and my overall favorite from the BTTF trilogy. I even plan to do a cosplay of Marty in the outfit he wore in that movie (came up with this when I found a jacket in my house that looks just like the one he wore in the movie and a local used/new stuff store is selling the hat) and I consider the BTTF movies to be the best movies ever. If you mean with when I said I want Doug to do an NC review of it, that’s cause I think the movie be good enough for him to do a great NC review of. After all he has done reviews of good and/or popular movies. Like his Jurassic Park review. - Goleon

Nostalgia Critic - The Purge
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